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Quality Of Lub-rref Bangladesh

Quality Policy

We keep on listening our customers until we understand their requirements fully. Our corporate commitment is to strictly adhere to professional standard and integrity and not compromise with quality in any situation. We aim to be the most innovative and dedicated team of professionals in the indrustry. We are willing and able to improve ourselves cotinuously. Equipped with the most modern indrustrial technology and a total dedication of our company, we deliver the highest standard of services of satisfy our clients. The Quality Policy of Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd. is that the company is committed to manufacturing, delivering & servicing good quality Lubricants, Allied Products to its customers. The objective of Lub-rref ( Bangladesh) Ltd. is to continually improve quality of its products and after sales services to enhance customer satisfaction.

To achieve their objective, the Management of Lub-rref ( Bangladesh) Ltd. has decided to undertake the following steps:

❖ To create awareness among all the employees regarding customers requirement and the necessity to produce and deliver products as per their requirements.
❖ To enhance customer satisfaction by continual development and by keeping Non-conformity in production / service within 3 % of the total volume and number of orders per annum
❖ For increasing awareness & working skills within the officers & employees of the organization, to keep / continue with regular in-house awareness / training / programmes / Sessions.
❖ By adopting ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System within the organization.

All the staffs and employees of Lub-rref ( Bangladesh) Ltd. are being advised to work hard and meticulously to effectively implement and maintain the Quality Management System within the organization.

The Management is committed to provide appropriate man power, infrastructure and all logistic and financial support to implement & maintain the system within the organization and to achieve the company’s objectives.

Managing Director Lub-rref ( Bangladesh) Ltd.