Environment friendly: Our first priority is to make pollution free environment.

Rural development: we are trying our level best to develop countryside of our beloved country.  We are enhancing business opportunity to farmers and local businessman by providing quality support. Through we are increasing living standard of poor and rural people.

Social welfare: we are spending smart proportion of our profit in social institute and child education.

Providing premium quality products: We are committed to serve premium quality products to our customer. Now we are providing supreme quality fish, milk, dairy products, paddy, fresh vegetable etc.

Food security: We are contributing in the food security of our massive population.


Short description of our Projects:

Project – 1: Companygonj Agro Industries project -1 is one of the finest and ideal agro project in Bangladesh. It is located in Char Fokira, Companygonj, Noakhali. The area of this project is approximately 12.5 acre. There are 7 large Pond along with a separate Dairy firm in this project. Furthermore, large amount of paddy field, big vegetable garden, coconut trees, some other trees also available in this project. Dairy firm has over 100 cattle and daily production is over 500 litter milk. In addition to this right now 20 people are employed in this project.

Project – 2: Companygonj Agro Industries Project-2 is located in char kosropia, Companygonj. The area of this project is also over 15 acre. This project is mainly used for cultivation of paddy. However, this project is also includes grass field to maintain feed supply to our dairy firm. Furthermore, this project has same fisheries also.

Project – 3: Our project 3 is the biggest among other with spectacular view. The area of this project is over 60 acre. This project is located in Char Allauddin, Noakhali. There are 9 large Pond along with a huge tank. However, shrimps and white fish are the main production of this project. Annual production is over 500 tons. Beside fisheries this also has large number of dragon and lemon trees. Now 10 people are employed in this project.

Our Products

  • Fisheries: the contribution of the fisheries sector in the formation of healthy and vigorous nation is very important. The role of this sector in the national economy continues to grow steadily. It can be said that the socio-economic progress and prosperity of this country is largely dependent on the development of fisheries. According to the data receive the total production of fish has increase by 34.10 lack tones in 2012-2013, whose current market value is about 50 thousand cores. According to the Bangladesh economic survey 2013, 4.37 percent of the country’s gross domestic products (GDP) and about one quarter (23.37 percent) of the total agricultural GDP contribute to the fisheries sector. The contribution of the fisheries sector is also very important in the countries food security. Considering the fact, we are investing most of our resource in fisheries. Our annual production is over 500 tones including white fish and shrimps. We are exporting shrimps in different countries in the world. Our research team is working hard to improve the productivity of our fish firm.
  • Milk: Milk is known as an ideal food. It plays an important role in the country. Bangladesh has a huge population and providing enough nutrition to this population in difficult job. In that case dairy milk plays a significant role. However, we have over 100 cattle and our daily production of milk is over 500 litter and we are offering this premium quality milk to our customer.
  • Dairy Products: Dairy products have many nutrients including calcium, protean and other minerals. Keep this in mind; we are producing batter oil, curd and some other dairy products in our projects.
  • Paddy: paddy is the main crops of Bangladesh. Though it is still difficult to meet the demands of food for the huge population of the country. Every year large amount of rice is imported from abroad to meet the heavy demands of this. Envisage this fact, we are cultivating paddy over 10 acre of land and our annual production is over 50 tones of paddy.
  • Sunflower oil: sunflower oil is made using the vegetable oil contained in sunflower seeds and has become a huge part of our modern diets due to its high level of unsaturated fatty acids. Keep this in mind, Companygonj agro industries ltd cultivating sunflower and now we are producing sunflower oil.
  • Soybean: Soybean is an important global crop and processed soybean is the largest source of protein feed and vegetable oil in the world. We are cultivating large amount of soybean in our project.
  • Biogas: Biogas is one of the best and cheaper ways to produce energy without affecting the environment. However, making best use of our dairy wastage we use it in our biogas plant and produce useable gas from our gas plant.
  • Organic Fertilizer: we are producing thousand tons organic fertilizer every year. Organic fertilizers are carbon based compounds that increase the productivity and growth quality of plants.
  • Vegetable: Vegetable is rich and comparatively cheaper source of vitamins. It is good source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. We are growing seasonal vegetable in our all projects. It is includes bitter gourd, pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower, green chills, cucumber, eggplant, lady’s finger, radish, tomato etc.