On-site Transformer Oil Filtration Service

Lub-rref Bangladesh Ltd introduced state of the art “Mobile Transformer oil Filtration System” enabling transformer oil reconditioning at your door step. The advanced system will not only improve dielectric strength of your in-service transformer oil rather it will bring up the oil quality to such level which guarantees longer life. Through this process we remove foreign materials, moisture, dissolved gas and restore pH value.


• Simply connect the filtration plant at site with your 120 KW Electricity.
• Connect the flexible hose with your Transformer inlet & outlet.
• De-activate & discharge the accumulated electricity in the transformer before connecting with your plant.

Hypothetical Oil Data after Treatment

SL. No Parameter Before Process After Process
1 Break Down voltage 20 KV >60KV
2 Moisture Content 50 ppm Below 15 ppm
3 Gas Content 10% by volume 1% by Volume
4 Acidity 0.5 KOH/gm of oil 0.08 KOH/gm of oil