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Oil Analysis

Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd. is the pioneer accredited laboratory for petroleum product testing in Bangladesh as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ensuring global acceptance of its test report.

The Laboratory offers maximum test parameters of Lubricating oil, Transformer oil, Fuel and Grease testing services, carried by experienced chemists and robotic equipment. Our services will help you to control contamination of the oil into your equipment through detecting abnormal machine wear & particles. Continuous monitoring and controlling will prevent machine failure that can be caused by fluid contamination, wrong oil and additive degradation.

For cross-check of our test accuracy we regularly participate in global ASTM Cross-check Program.

We also offer advice on sampling and if necessary can provide you onsite sampling Service.

Segment We Serve

1. Power Generation
2. Cement
3. Steel Manufacturing
4. Bunker
5. Transport
6. Textile
7. RMG
8. Other Manufacturing Unit.

BNO Lab Testing Facilities for Lubricating Oil/Transformer Oil/ Fuel Oil (HFO) and Grease

Doc No. R-C/367/01 Laboratory
Rev: 09
S.N Test Parameters/Name Test Rf. No. *Application For:
1 Kinematic Viscosity at 40, 50, 100 °C ASTM D445, ASTM D7042, IP 71, ISO 3104 LO, TO, FO
2 Viscosity Index ASTM D7042, ASTM D2270 LO, TO
3 Density at 150C, 300C ASTM D7042, ASTM D1298 LO, TO, FO
4 Cold Cranking Simulator(CCS) Viscosity ASTM D5293 LO
5 ASTM Color Value (Automatic) ASTM D1500, ISO 4630 LO, TO
6 TAN (Total Acid Number), Strong Acid ASTM D664 LO, TO
7 TBN (Total Base Number) ASTM D2896 LO, TO
8 Neutralization Number ASTM D974 LO, TO
9 COC Flash Point ASTM D92, IP 36, ISO 2592 LO, TO
10 PMCC Flash Point ASTM D93, IP 34, ISO 2719 LO, TO, FO
11 Pour Point ASTM D97, IP 15, ISO 3015 LO, TO, FO
12 Water Content By Dean-Stark ASTM D95 LO, FO
13 Moisture Content By Karl Fischer ASTM D1533, ASTM D6304 LO, TO
14 Water Separability ASTM D1401, ISO 6614 LO
15 Foam Test For Sequence I, II, III ASTM D892, IP 146 LO
16 Rams Bottom Carbon Residue ASTM D524, IP 14, ISO 4262 LO, TO
17 Conradson Carbon Residue ASTM D189 LO, TO
18 Reid Vapor Pressure Test ASTM D323 LO, FO
19 Copper Strip Tarnish Test ASTM D130, IP 154 LO, TO
20 Corrosive Sulfur ASTM D1275 TO
21 Aniline Point Test ASTM D611, IP 2 LO, TO
22 Air Release ASTM D3427 LO
23 Sulphated Ash ASTM D874 LO, FO
24 Sediment ASTM D1796 LO, TO, FO
25 Soluble Sludge ASTM D1698 TO
26 Sulfur Content (S) ASTM D4951, ASTM D5185 LO, FO
27 Metal Content (Ag, Ca, Fe, Na, K, Si, Zn, Al, Cd, Mg, Ni, Sn, B, Cr, Mn, P, Ti, Ba, Cu, Mo, Pb, V etc.) By ICP-OES ASTM D4951, ASTM D5185 LO, TO, FO
28 Oxidation Stability ASTM D943, ISO 4263 LO, TO
29 Particle Count, NAS/ISO NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 LO
30 Oxidation, Nitration and Sulfation ASTM E 2412 LO
31 Soot Loading ASTM E 2412 LO
32 Glycol Contamination ASTM E 2412 LO
33 Right Hand Distillation ASTM D86 LO, FO
34 Calorific Value ASTM D4809 FO
35 CCAI (Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index) Calculated FO
36 Compability Test ASTMD4740 FO
37 Softening Point ASTM D36 G
38 Drop Point ASTM D566 G
39 NLGI /Penetration (Work &Unwork) ASTM D937 G
40 Rolling Stability ASTM D1831 G
41 Oil Separation on storage ASTM D1742 G
42 Loss on Heating of Oil ASTM D6 G
43 Water washout characteristics ASTM D1246 G
44 Evaporation loss of lubricating Grease ASTM D972 G
45 Aging Test IS 3357, IS 12177 TO
46 SK Value IS 335 TO
47 Interfacial Surface Tension ASTM D971 TO
48 Break Down Voltage ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, CEI EN 60156, BS EN60156, IEC 156 TO
49 Dielectric Dissipation Factor (tan δ) at 26 0C or 90 0C IEC 247 TO
50 Resistivity ( at 26 0C or 90 0C IEC 247 TO
51 Dielectric Constant IEC 247 TO
52 Dissolved Gasses (DGA) in Insulating Oil ASTM D3612 TO
53 Furanic Compounds in Insulating Oil ASTM D5837 TO
54 PCB of Electrical in Insulating Oil ASTM D4059 TO
55 Evaporation Loss by the Noack Method ASTM D5800 LO
56 Shear Stability ASTM D6278 LO
57 Wear Preventive and EP Properties by Four-Ball ASTM D2266, D2596, D2783, D4172, D5183 LO, G


*Note-1:- Lubricating Oils: LO; Transformer Oil: TO; Fuel Oils (HFO): FO; Grease: G


On-site Oil Testing Service

Demand of on-site oil testing service is growing rapidly among Power Generation Companies to reduce routine maintenance cost. In order to facilitate the demand, Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd have introduced on site oil testing service to its customers. A dedicated chemist along with test instrument is rendered as per customer requirement at nominal service charge.

Services available on-site

• Break Down Voltage test
• Moisture Content (ppm) By Karl Fischer
• Particle Count, NAS/ISO