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Welcome to Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd.

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Welcome to Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd. With the development of modern civilization the use of transport, machinery & equipments has become an inseparable part of our day to day life. It is unthinkable to consider a modern machine without use of any Lubricants or Lubrication.
It would not therefore, be an exaggeration to say that the wheels of civilization moves on Lubricants.
Unfortunately in our country, price of lubricants come first to the customer as the big volume of the market is for low claim (API SC/CC) only-an obsolete product. Whereas price is directly related to the Quality of products meeting International Standards like SAE, API, EURO, JASO, ILSAC, emission control, Energy Conserving etc.
For the achievement and also assurance of Quality of Product(s) laboratory facility, modern technology and International support for technical know-how and integrity is necessary.
Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd. is a State-Of-The-Art Lub Blending Plant for the production of new generation lubricating oils introducing a modern accredited laboratory for Quality Assurance of its products and in-service oil condition monitoring services to valued customers and 3rd party testing of lubricants and fuel oils. For testing services Lub-rref(Bangladesh) Ltd follows the latest ASTM, ISO and IP test methods with most advanced & sophisticated lab equipments mostly imported from American and European source.
BNO Laboratory awarded with the most prestigious Accreditation Certificate by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) duly audited by UNIDO under ISO/IEC---17025 : 2005 by dint of which we have proved our competency & ability for providing the best quality Lubricants & Laboratory services accepted by any Accredited Lab in the World.
Lub-rref(Bangladesh) Ltd is also awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Certificate by  both Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Germany & ISOQAR, Singapore  and a regular participant of ASTM Inter-laboratory Cross-check Program with most accuracy and precision in each cycle.
It is the Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd. who has brought the technology rather than merely the product(s) in Bangladesh. We produce all types of lubricating oils and allied products like Engine Oils (Mono-grade and Multi-grade), Industrial Oils like Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Turbine Oils, Compressor Oils and Machine Oils etc. We also have introduced NAS Class 0-3 micro-clean Hydraulic, Turbine and Compressor oils   specially for sensitive servo valves with extends the equipment’s life 800-1000 times.
Our brand exists in the market as “BNO LUBRICANTS”. It is truly a national brand.


Our Products


BNO Gold

BNO Gold is special quality multi grade engine oil,suitable for more powerful gasoline and diesel engines and formulated from highest quality base oils that offers maximum high temperature protection.



Specially formulated for high performance CNG & High performance Lubricant.

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BNO(Bangladesh National Oil),Truly National

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